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VALKIRIAS Consultants

A pioneer company and ahead of its time.

A VALKIRIAS  é uma empresa de consultoria de comunicação, relações públicas e eventos para a Era Digital presente no mercado desde 1993 com uma vasta oferta de estratégias e soluções inovadoras e de excelência, orientadas a resultados, e à medida de cada cliente. Somos uma empresa de base local, mas com alcance global através da nossa rede internacional presente nos cinco continentes. Levamos a comunicação dos nossos clientes a qualquer local.






From Portugal and using our network with the rest of the world, we communicate brands, companies, projects, and people, in an innovative, integrated, effective and results-oriented way.

We do professional communication based in Portugal and with a global reach tailored to each client needs.


Our mission is to help each of our clients to boost their communication, achieving real impact and quantifiable added value, which last over time. Our approaches and strategies area developed to boost influence, credibility, excellence and prestige of our clients’ brands, their organizations, and their teams.

We are deeply committed to excellence!

our offer

We offer a wide range of 360º communication solutions and services for the Digital Age
that will guarantee the success of your company's communication in Portugal and in the rest of the world.


At VALKRIAS we are 100% aligned with our clients and we believe that communication and public relations can only be successful when based upon an in-depth knowledge of the client, of their business, of their objectives and concerns. All our actions are thus integrated in the marketing mix of each client to achieve effective added value, aligned with their advertising campaigns, marketing actions or/and promotions. We deliver effective and solid results.


VALKIRIAS offers a complete global range of 360º Consulting, Public Relations, Events and Production services, from strategy design to implementation, control, and reporting services at your disposal in Portugal and in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and America, that will guarantee the success of your organization. We work in a network basis with a wide range of specialized national and international partners to create the most appropriate multidisciplinary teams to achieve quantifiable success for each client communication program any were and at any time.

Consulting Services

  • Communication Audits
  • Image Consulting
  • MARCOM Strategies
  • Media Planning
  • Media Training
  • Coaching
  • Special Projects

Public Relations

  • Press Advice
  • PR 2.0
  • Content Strategy and Editing

    (press releases; press kits; case stories; sponsored articles; invitations; brochures; leaflets; mailings; websites; newsletters; magazines; books; posts; presentations; speeches; etc.)

  • Translations
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis and Change Management
  • Corporate and Financial Communication

  • Product Communication
  • Internal Communication
  • Support and Development of Special Projects
  • Sales Support
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of articles published
  • Special Projects Follow Up
  • Sponsorship Strategies
    (fundraising strategy; fundraising and sponsorship management)


  • Design, Organization and Event Production (complete and turnkey projects); whether it is a meeting for 8 people, a product launch, or a summit for + 4,500 participants, whether in Portugal or abroad.
  • Press Conferences
  • Press Lunches
  • Press Trips
  • Presentations
  • Business and Project Launches

  • Product Launches

  • Executive Breakfasts
  • Board Meetings
  • Round Tables​
  • Business Missions​
  • Executive Lunches
  • Customer Trips
  • Gala Dinners
  • Company Dinners
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences/Webconferences
  • Forums
  • Summits
  • Exhibitions
  • Parties


  • Design and Creativity
    (brands; logos; stationary; leaflets; brochures; websites; invitations; newsletters; magazines; add campaigns; promotional stands, books; etc.)
  • Graphic Productions
  • Videos, Clips and Movies
  • Digital
  • Special Projects

“To be great, be whole, exclude nothing, don't exaggerate or leave out any part of you
Be complete in everything.
Put all you are into the smallest thing you do…”

Ricardo Reis*
*One of Fernando Pessoa Alter-Egos


Comunity.Pro is one of the best international networks of independent Public Relations and Communication consultants, present on five continents, and where all members are nominated by journalists from each country.

VALKRIAS is part of the Executive Board of Directors of ComUnity.Pro and in 2014 was appointed by the Board as Director for Branding and Communication of ComUnity.Pro.


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